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                Welcome to Wolfe Enterprises, parent company of  
        ​"The Dick Valentine Show"​ ​and Wolfe's Band Instruments! 

Gerald Wolfe -aka "Dick Valentine"- has an extensive musical & military background. He studied music at Miami University & served almost 30 years in the Army, where he played clarinet, saxophone & trumpet ​in several
​military bands and was a Broadcast Journalist as well. He also has experience
​as a Disc Jockey and currently plays alto sax in "The Hallelujah Saints Band" ​
​in ​Lima, Ohio.

​​Even though a musician practically his whole life, it's only been recently that Dick has discovered a real passion for singing and is " living a new dream"!  
Although known as a ​ "Sinatra Style Vocalist" specializing in performing music from the 40's Big Band Era & "The Great American Songbook", he also enjoys singing a wide variety of repertoire from other styles and singers.   For each gig he creates a show to suit the audience and event. 


​  ​                               Baton Rouge Health Services, Lima, OH

After 4 years assisting Dick, as his Music Manager, Singer, & Friend,
​I’m still thrilled to hear & watch him do what he loves!
He's not only a fantastic vocalist & musician, he's also very knowledgeable about the music, providing bits of interesting information as he performs. ​His shows give much joy to people, as he brings back fond memories & introduces younger audiences to some of the best music in American history!  
I would describe his voice as smooth & mesmerizing and his humor & great interaction with his audience gives him a unique ability to entertain all ages!​
                                                                                   ​~ Lori Blanchong​​

​​            We look forward to providing entertainment            
                  ​for your particular venue & theme!



Veteran's Day-wearing an authentic WW II Army Officer Uniform. ​